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various music projects, compositions, curios. more music everywhere but specifically at

ep1 (2018)
The Year of the Hare


The debut EP from electro indie-folk collective The Year of the Hare, in which I am the principle songwriter and arranger.

More The Year of the Hare on BandcampSpotify.                               

Out There (2017)
Oracle Room


Out There is the second EP from New York City-based avant indie band Oracle Room. I played various synthesizers and handled sound design duties for the production of the EP.

Listen to more Oracle Room on Bandcamp, Spotify.

angles (2016)


Probably the most explicitly political music I've made. Using the bleak production quality of black metal, I wanted to express the unease and tension penetrating everything following the 2016 election of Donald J. Trump. 

Listen to more tunnsk on Bandcamp.

Impressions: Music From and Inspired by Pride and Prejudice (2014)


Score from and music inspired by Purdue University's 2014 production of Pride and Prejudice, adapted for the stage by Marcus Goodwin. Directed by Robert Quinlan.

Serious Living (2012)
Luister Mooi


Serious Living is the debut album that I recorded under the name Luister Mooi. The band is mostly a solo endeavour with plently of help from friends along the way. 

Listen to more Luister Mooi on Bandcamp.                               

various tracks  (2013-2014)
from Choices OST


I composed, co-wrote and performed on a handful of tracks from the original soundtrack for Purdue University's ChoicesChoices was an original production crafted by Rick Thomas and a team of collaborators exploring the intersections between the live music event (think dance club, music festival and DJ sets) and traditional play. I was involved as a composer and performer in the piece, creating several pieces of music and performing a handful live during the show.


Full album credits available via the Bandcamp link below.

Listen to the Choices soundtrack at Bandcamp.                                                   

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