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With Two Wings 2014 Hangar Theatre

Written by Anne Negri | Directed by Lian Walden | Set Design by Marthe Hoffman | Costume Design by Meghan Boehmer | Lighting Design by Jane Chan

With Two Wings tells the story of a family of winged humans with the gift of flight choosing to lead a life bound to the earth. A young boy named Lyf remains sheltered by his mother, whose own fear of flight and strict rule system prevents him from ever leaving their patchwork nest, tucked far away from society. Lyf’s father, an eccentric inventor, desires flight but knows all too well the risks associated with taking the leap. Through Lyf’s unexpected friendship with the outsider Meta, Lyf learns to grow up and quite literally spread his wings.

Their isolation and self-reliance provides a narrow worldview in which the family operates on their own rigid rule system. This system of values is shattered, and subsequently redefined, when Lyf meets the outsiders. Furthermore, Mom’s deep-rooted fears are called into question by Lyf’s desire to experience “out there”. As Lyf prepares to take his first real right of passage, Mom learns the importance of letting go.

Sound plays a crucial role in establishing mood, creating environment, and guiding our audience on the emotional journey of the play. Specifically, live music is a key component of our production’s theatrical vocabulary, tying Lyf’s world and the world of our audience together and elevating spectacle.  The musical inspiration comes from the guitar work of the American folk and bluegrass tradition.  Ambient and environmental soundscapes are played utilizing a surround sound system.


Sound Design Vision
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